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You’re probably a businessman, aren’t you? More or less? Excellent answer! And also very sane because in everything we are always more or less.

The fall (Albert Camus)

The power of knowledge

I am attracted by Popular Science, although I also enjoy reading authors who bring us closer to other fields of knowledge (and analyzing how they do it).

It is true that sometimes it can be a light and superficial knowledge, but it is necessary to applaud the authors who manage to explain complex ideas to us in an understandable and entertaining way, without losing accuracy.

We can improve our society if we help people to broaden their knowledge in an affordable way, complementing formal education. Access ideas that enrich our lives, improve our worldview and encourage us to ask questions and go further.

About me

I sign as a dilettante. Perhaps you know that the word comes from Italian, the one who delights, the one who enjoys the knowledge or practice of the sciences and the arts but is not a professional in those branches.

It has a second derogative meaning: an amateur who has not tried hard enough and whose opinion is of dubious value.

I have a degree in Physics, but my professional career took a diferent direction, so I think it’s okay to assume both connotations and not pretend to be an expert.

I often read about science -especially about phylosophy of science-, and I try to complement it with other subjects, but that doesn’t make me anything more than a longlife learner/apprentice having a great time.

Conclusion: what is this website about?

I will try to publish references to books and content of this kind that I am discovering, no matter when they were published.

The category won’t be too strict. They could be intro guides, popular (science o whatever) books, essays, speculative articles or even some academic papers if it makes sense.

Perhaps it’s better to call it as “knowledge for non-specialists with restless/curious minds” or something like this, but it’s too long 🙂

So here we go, although don’t expect a monothematic blog because surely there will be references to other things I like.

Sometimes it may seem erratic, but that’s what dilettantism has: you don’t have to follow a straight and ruled line.

I hope you discover something new you can enjoy. If so, it will have been (even more) worthwhile.

Note: as you will easily see, English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for the style and errors in wording that may exist. However, I would like to thank for their help in translating texts. I think it is an excellent online service, at least for this type of ‘informal’ translation on a personal, non-profit website.

Last modified: 27/04/2021