Quantum Computing for the very curious is an interesting content that you can consult on the web Quantum Country and that includes two aspects:

  • Content with which you can learn about quantum computing that is based on a serie of videos by the author Michael Nielsen (assumes some ‘basic’ math background and it goes far beyond a general intro).
  • Interactive mnemonic method that helps you remember what you are learning.

The page asks you every few sections about the questions you’ve read before. You don’t have to answer, just think about the question and then click to see the solution. The system asks you if you have been successful or not and records the option you have selected.

You can register an email address and the system will send you reminders from time to time inviting you to review what you have read, setting up new (re)questions according to your previous  feedback .

Email recordatorio Quantum Computing for the very curious

This is an example of a progress report that the page provides when we answer the questions of the first reminder (in this case it has been several days before we logged in again):

Informe progreso Quantum Computing for the very curious

The designer-implementer, Andy Maschukac, has an article explaining why he thinks we don’t remember what we read from this kind of content and the motivation of his method.

Last modified: 16/06/2022


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